What Can We Do Around Marina Bay Sands On Vacation?

Stay in Marina Bay Sands and explore the beauty of the surroundings. The name of this accommodation is already popular among people all over the world. It has a unique architectural design that makes you want to visit this place. 

Aside from the attractions located inside this place, you can also enjoy other destinations in the surrounding area. Here are some things to do around this accommodation. 

Go to Garden by the Bay

Garden by the Bay gives us refreshing scenery among other skyscrapers. It is a man-made nature park that is lush and green. This place offers us grassy open spaces with beautiful lakes and fountains.

Here, we can enjoy the art sculptures, the Flower Dome, and twisting pedestrian pathways. Moreover, the children's playground makes this place perfect to visit with our family members. This attraction is open to the public and without cost. 

Staying in Marina Bay Sand allows us to access this place by walking. It is possible to reach within minutes on foot. The best time to come is in the mid-morning as there are fewer people at this time.

Take Some Photograph at Supertree Groves

Located close to Marina Bay Sand, experience ourselves among the illuminated trees. While in the Garden by the Bay, we can see the largest tree exposing even from far away. These trees are not ferns or palms and are called Supertrees.

 It has a structure like a metal tree with shady and its leafy vines. Each one can reach a height from 30 to 50 meters. The Supertree Grove is the largest and the most impressive attraction in Garden by the Bay. 

The best time to visit this place is when the sun is already down. During the night, we can see the LED lights set in it.

Enjoy the Vibes of Helix Bridge

Outside the shopping complex of Marina Bay Sands, we can find the Helix Bridge. It presents us with a pedestrian bridge having a design-like strand of DNA. The unusual curves and angles can make us stunning. 

This spot is a dream for any photographer. Its best time is around 5.30 PM during the sunset time. Capture the metal bridge that has reflections in glistening golden.

During the nights, this spot is bright with LED lights. It becomes a hub of activity as well. In the daytime, we can see some locals jogging in this area. It can connect us to the Queen Elizabeth Walk or stop to enjoy the best views of the marina.

Go to Shopping Mall

Singapore is well-known among world travelers as a shopping destination. The reason is simply that this city provides visitors with selections of the shopping mall. Of course, it also includes the shopping center located in the Marina Bay Sands. 

The mall is located westward of the hotel lobby and accessible within a short walk. Follow the walkway to lead us to this place. Once we arrive in the shopping mall, we can see various products from designer brands. 

This place allows us to select multiple fashion brands from prestigious designers. Do not be surprised as we can find branded clothing for children too. 


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